During the pandemic, all of our services are online.  Visit to see our online groups!  You can always contact us at


  • Professional counseling

  • Support groups (including for young women with breast cancer)

  • A telephone helpline

  • Wellness Programs (Nutrition,  Gentle Yoga, Art Therapy)


We provide personalized, individual service, something that hospitals have neither the time nor the budget to perform. Callers to our Helpline during business hours are greeted by a person rather than an automated phone system. The Center offers a selection of nearly 500 informational brochures specifically designed for patients, family members (including children and concerned friends). More than 8,000 pieces were mailed or handed to clients last calendar year. The Center’s social workers personally choose the materials based upon the individual caller/visitor. Patients and/or families are given as much time as needed and are welcome to visit again. By phone (412) 622-1212 or email,