National Cancer Survivors Day

Sunday June 6th is National Cancer Survivor Day. 

"A day to recognize cancer survivors, to bring attention to the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face and celebrate life". 

Make a sign to celebrate with us!

We at the Cancer Caring Center want to celebrate YOU by inviting you to participate in our National Survivors Day campaign by emailing us a photo of you with a sign telling what type of cancer you had/ have with the number of years you have lived with or past cancer. 

The purpose of this campaign is to offer hope to the newly diagnosed illustrating the many survivors there are in Pittsburgh. We also want more people to know of our FREE emotional support services and invite them to donate to continue our mission of supporting all cancer patients and caregivers. 

Please print the attached sign and write: 

Type of cancer:

Years since diagnosed

"Cancer Caring Center" (if you are making your own sign)


If you take the photo with a cell photo

PLEASE TAKE THE PHOTO HORIZONTALLY (sideways) and as close up as you can.


Please email your photos to

By Thursday May 27th at 9 pm.

We will use these on social media.

Please "like" the Cancer Caring Center" Facebook page and Instagram to see the Celebration! Feel free to share the post.