How is the Cancer Caring Center here to help you?


Our dear client, Keith Schendemantle has some kind words for us!

We're here to help you! Please click below to email us or give us a call at 412-622-1212.

We are here for you during covid-19 with online support groups.  Please check out our calendar and our Facebook page!


Cancer Caring Center is a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping people diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends, cope with the emotional impact of cancer. The Center is not an alternative to medical treatment. It is complementary to traditional medical treatment.

The organization was established through the generosity of the Greater Pittsburgh Franchise Community of Burger King and their corporate partners, Heinz USA and Coca-Cola Fountain. It is also supported by contributions from public and private sectors including the Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Show.


We are also eligible to receive donations through The United Way Contributor Choice Program (#2824).

All services of the Cancer Caring Center are FREE.


To request assistance call us at 412-622-1212

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Email for a Zoom link to any of our groups!

Live Life to the Fullest!

New Group Alert!!!

Our New Six Week Series: Live Life to the Fullest.
This is a joint effort with the Cancer Caring Center and the University of Pittsburgh Occupational Therapy Students. Occupational Therapists help people get back to the things they want and need to do to live a full life. The first 5 weeks are for patients/ survivors and the last week can include caregivers. Click here to sign up:

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It's National Social Worker Month!

Social workers are at the core of our success at the Cancer Caring Center. Many of our clients are referred to us through social workers at hospitals and treatment facilities.

Our Director of Counseling, Wendy Myers, MSW, LSCW, guides our programming and performs all the individual, couple, and family counseling. The decades of experience Wendy brings to the CCC are woven deeply into our success. Through her guidance, we offer hope and empowerment to our clients. Wendy and the countless social workers we interact with every day are caring and resourceful individuals. They can make or break a cancer experience.

In gratitude, we celebrate national social worker month for we would be lost without you.


Happy Feet – A Winter Wellness Community is based on inspiration, empowerment, and support. The goal is to support folks so that we will have the confidence to be proactive about mental health, movement and community.

  • Zoom Calls – There are 3 Zoom calls a week. Sunday at 7pm,  Tuesday at 12 noon and Thursday at 5pm. Sunday is education and motivation, and weekday calls are for connection. We will have guests from both UMPC and AHN and you can ask questions. You do not need to be present at each zoom call but it helps to be on the Sunday Night Calls. 

  • Emails – We will send out emails that have meditation and mindfulness videos etc and measurements of our movement. We have a goal of reaching 10,000 minutes of movement.

  • Community Private Facebook Group – A community page to reduce isolation and motivate us to stay healthy, encourage movement and participation. (Do not worry if you are not on Facebook)

  • Measuring Movement - We know that everyone has a different level of ability due to surgery, treatment, and pain. We are measuring in “minutes of movement” so you can use any activity that you can do.   Movement can be anything you are able to do (walking, yoga, leg lifts).


You can sign up here.

Here are the topics for Sunday Nights during the 7 weeks

  1. Overview and Movement

  2. Nutrition

  3. Sleep/ Rest

  4. Stress

  5. Social Connection and Intimacy

  6. Spirituality

  7. Environment

  8. Celebration

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Scott Long, MD, Cancer Caring Center Board of Directors Member, shared a few words at the Top Golf Fundraiser event in September

Message from Dr. Stan Marks, Chairman of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

To our many NEW clients, you may not know that Dr. Stan Marks, Joe Gordon, former Communications Director of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ray Vinson, a former Burger King Franchisee started the Cancer Caring Center over 32 years ago.

They and the Cancer Caring Center are the pioneers in free emotional support for cancer patients and their loved ones. 

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